About us

Leading to the electric future

Internal combustion vehicles are coming to an end. Our current world is experiencing a thrilling transition process which will culminate with the massive adoption of electric vehicles. This way, we will finally be able to move in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment.

NEXT Electric Motors does not want to be part of this transition, but we want to lead it by creating new technologies, materials and business models in order to offer our customers the best electric bikes in the market.

Our Mission: To develop electric motorbikes that are the real alternative to combustion motorbikes.

NEXT Electric Motors was founded in 2017 by passionate entrepreneurs from the world of motorsports and technology convinced that the future of mobility will be 100% electric.

We want to develop electric motorbikes that represent the real alternative to combustion motorbikes bikes in all respects: design, user experience and price.

Our goal is that our customers have access to a quality electric vehicle with an outstanding design. But also, provide a similar or better user experience to gasoline motorbikes and at a competitive price. In this way, we managed to eliminate all entry barriers to the adoption of the electric vehicle.


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