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Our biggest asset is the people (and the electric scooters). At NEXT Electric Motors we are convinced that we need the best professionals working in a team to achieve great things.

We are a young environmentally friendly team. Every day we strive to lead the transition towards sustainable electric mobility… and in particular we love what we do and we have a great time doing it.

Our small great team:

Xulei Xu

CEO & Co - Founder

Daniel Marín

Operations Manager

Antonio Navarro

CTO & Co - Founder

Ben Xu

Production Manager

Nestor Guillén

Head Desing

Arnaud Kolly

International Expansion Manager

Laura Molina

E-commerce & Digital Mk Manager

Jean Franco Garbín

Business Developer Manager

We are based in
the city of Alicante,
and sometimes we look
for brilliant, dedicated
people who have
a passion for building
the electric mobility
that we dream of.

If this is your dream too,
you belong here.

Write to us at, enclose your CV and tell us why you want to work with us. Please, state in the subject matter on the email which job position would suit you the best, to help us in the selection process.

We are looking forward to you joining the family!

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