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Join the sustainable revolution

Discover the models of 125cc electric scooters

Join the sustainable revolution

Discover the new models of 125cc electric scooters

New NX²

The electric scooter that will change your mind

Features of the NX² electric scooter:
200 km range
130 km/h speed limit

New NEXT Mojito

The most refreshing 125cc electric scooter

2 removable batteries and up to 200 km battery range.
90 km/h. Rediscover your city!
Available in 3 colours


The most advanced technology

2 removable batteries and conventional charger
Up to 130km of autonomy – 45km/h
5 Colors available

NX Plus

The most practical design, the electric scooter that adapts to your needs.

2 removable batteries and space for your helmet under the seat.
140km of battery range-80km/h
Available in 3 colours


At NEXT Electric Motors we are continually working on the development and the future of electric mobility.

90 after-sales service points

Two years warranty (battery included) and technical service with Norauto, so you don't have to worry about anything!

Financia tu NEXT

from just 45 euro a month. You can finance the amount that you prefer, until 100% of your electric motorcycle.

Samsung lithium batteries

The most compact and lightest electric scooter batteries on the market. Charge them wherever you want, in any normal socket.

Clean and Silent

Switch over to electric mobility, to sustainable mobility. No noise. Reduce your carbon footprint and help us look after the planet.

Real opinions
about the NEXT NX1

Our customers endorse us


Juan Carlos P.

“When I use the battery in intermediate mode (Power) it lasts 75 to 80 km. As for the after-sales service, they sorted out a minor problem I had with it at the beginning right away, they were very nice and they answered me in no time at all.”


Jose Alberto N.

“I have clocked up 10,000km with the scooter and so far it meets my expectations, if you like the specifications, I would recommend it 100%.”


Roberto P.

“I get compliments about it at all the traffic lights. Its parts are top quality. Excellent braking and acceleration .”


Jose Luís T.

“Convenient and useful for short journeys. Electric and noise-free. Cheap. A great choice for anyone who is looking for this type of scooter.”

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