Frequently Asked Questions NEXT NX1

Our NX1 is homologated as a moped, so you should be able to drive it with the Spanish AM, A1, A and B licenses or it’s European equivalents.

You can travel up to 65kms with each battery and up to 130kms with the Powerpack version thanks to the interchangeable batteries.

Due to its condition as moped, max speed is limited to 45km/h in Spain.

The removable batteries can be recharged in any conventional plug. You can also recharge 1 battery without removing it by pluging the charger directly to the scooter like and smartphone or computer.

Check our User Guide for an explanatory video.

Recharge time is approximately 6 hours, having 50% in 1 hour.

About €0.20 depending on your electricity contract.

You will be able to order a NEXT from our webpage or in one of our Corners. We will deliver the scooter in the address you provide us and ready tu use.

Absolutely, in any of our Corners. Find yours here.

All our vehicules have 2 year warranty.